Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve.

We had a lovely Christmas Eve this year. We went to 6pm Christmas Mass. Sian was an Altar Server and Rhiannon got to bring up the bread and wine to the altar with a friend. She looked very prim and proper, no giggling or sticking out of tongues which was good!

We went from Mass to Catalina Bay in Rathmines where we were hoping we might see Santa on the Wangi Queen.

We pulled up just as the Wangi Queen was coming across the lake to Styles Point. Perfect timing! The kids ran along the jetty and got to say Hi to Santa and got a bag of sweets each.

We carried on home and checked the Internet to see where Santa was travelling. He was in Russia and the kids started to get really excited.

We set up the Santa tray with goodies. Mince pie, milk, cookies and a glass of Byrons best Whisky. gareth had a last minute cookie just to "test" that they were good enough!

The kids went out onto the driveway to sprinkle their reindeer food so the reindeer would know where to land!

Off went the kids to bed and Byron and myself did a few last minute jobs then settled in front of the TV with a bottle of Port and watched Bad Santa.

This Santa movie (for those who haven't seen it) stars Billy Bob Thornton as a department store Santa with a big drinking habit who detests kids. Definitely NOT a kids film!

When the film finished we snuck up the stirs and checked on the kids before heading into our bedroom and waiting for Santa!!!!

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