Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Day

Our third Christmas in Australia began with the giggling of excited kids about 6am!

Santa had been and left stockings filled with exciting things for the kids and a big Toblerone bar at the foot of my bed, Thanks Santa!!!

We spent some time with the kids running around our bedroom showing us the contents of their stockings and then we went down to see if we could see anything else.....

The Santa tray was covered in cookie crumbs and there wasn't a drop of Whiskey left in the glass.

Outside most of the reindeer water was gone and there was just a carrot stump left behind!

The kids were very excited when they got to their presents and the rest of the morning passed in a blur of ripping paper and talking to Grandparents on the phone.

The rest of the day was very chilled out and we vegged and enjoyed all of the presents we had opened.

Byron played with , sorry, "helped" Gareth play with his new remote control car and the girls changed in and out of the various new clothes they got!

Dinner was a cold spread of cooked ham, turkey and a big bowl of fresh king prawns. Tea was the more traditional sausages wrapped in bacon (we couldn't buy them here so we improvised with rashers and toothpicks!)

It was a lovely day and Mr B ended it with his usual phrase...

"This was the best Christmas EVER!"

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