Sunday, July 06, 2008

Arabian party

Last night was our friend Paul's 40th birthday Party. The theme was "Tunisian Goat herder" the first time he told us about it? After a bit of clarification the theme was widened to all things Arabian!

We ordered outfits on-line from America and they arrived in plenty of time. The weather is freezing at night here and although Byron knew he would be warm in his outfit mine was a bit drafty looking!

The party was great fun but I made an awful entrance to it. I had helped to make some food at a friends house earlier that day and had been asked to lay it all out nicely on a platter with mint leaves for decoration and bring it with me. Not too hard you might think. Byron carried one tray in and I had the other. As we walked into the house there was a stairs up to the next level where everyone was gathered. Every step I climbed I kept standing on my skirt and half tripping. Both hands were holding the tray so I couldn't lift my skirt. On the top step I tripped, threw the whole platter in the air watched it fly backwards over my head and bounce all the way down the stairs throwing blobs of chutney all over the walls and even the ceiling of the room below. I was so embarrassed. The next 15 minutes were spent cleaning everywhere before making a second entrance with a red face.

All our friends had made a huge effort to dress up and looked amazing! Anne Marie had bought loads of material and staple gunned it to the walls and ceilings and the house was transformed into something out of a film set.

The back yard was covered in sand and had a fire lit which we were all huddling around for warmth!

Byron got into character after a couple of beers and was stomping around the party swirling his robes behind him and loudly inviting any skimpily clad female belly dancers to join his hareem.
Just before midnight we were offered a lift so I decided it was time to get my sultan and let our babysitter go home!

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  1. Rumour has it that the dragon made an entrance too...