Friday, July 04, 2008

Holiday hair!

Sian and Rhiannon are on their first day of their school holidays today.

They have been begging us to let them have coloured hair extensions. They are small strands of coloured hair that are attached onto their own hair with a glue that lasts a couple of months and then falls out without any damage to the real hair. We went to the hairdresser to find out a little bit more about it. She explained that if you are clever with where you position these coloured strands then you can hide then under the normal hair at school or brush them at the top for the weekend or holidays.

As a way of making the girls appreciate them we agreed to go 50:50 on the cost. They had to give up pocket money and we payed the balance. They were booked in for this morning. They were so excited!

Poor Gar wanted to know why he couldn't have them done, after all blue is a boyish colour...? We detoured through a sweet shop on our way to the hairdressers so he didn't feel too left out. A few brief minutes each in the hairdressers chair and voila! Two coloured strands each! The girls are very happy with their fun hairstyles!

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