Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Snakes and Ladders

Gareth has a good friend called Tommy. Tommy is a lovely laid back boy with a great sense of humour. Both he and Gar play really well and don't often clash or disagree about anything.

Gar went to play with Tommy after school one day this week and had a great time. He told us all about it at the dinner table. Apparently they played Snakes and Ladders.

Nothing too special about that except they had no dice... They decided to use an imaginary dice. The game went well until they were both close to the end. Tommy was one space away from winning, Gar needed to move 11 spaces. It was Gars turn and guess what...? He threw an 11 !!! The best thing was that Tommy didn't mind!

What a great kid. We could all do with a friend like Tom!

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