Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Last day of School holidays

Monday was the last day of the kids school holidays. We decided to tear Byron away from job applications and have a family day out.

We brought the kids bowling and had great fun. The kids had bumper bars automatically pop up on their turns so that the bowling ball couldn't go in the gutter but on Byron's go the bars went down so that the game was a bit more even (I stayed sitting down and was chief cheerer)

After the bowling we went to Mc Donald's and then on to Speers Point Park. This is a fabulous new park that was recently opened and the kids love it. We have been a few times before but I never seemed to have my camera on me. This time I did and took hundreds of photos.

When we were all done with the play equipment and almost ready to get in the car Sian suggested getting a rugby ball out of the boot and having a quick play in the fields next to the play area. Another two hours later and we were all pink cheeked and exhausted!

It was a great day out and a really good way to end the school holidays on a high.

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