Thursday, July 31, 2008

I spoke too soon....

The day after writing the last post we had a phone call from Lesley saying they were alive and well and only an hours drive away from us!

I did a mad frenzied run around my mess of a house while they checked their camper van into a local campsite (despite offers for them to stay in our spare room) An hour later Byron drove to the camp site to bring them back in our car for a BBQ and rang me to say that he had persuaded them to stop with us for the night. More frenzied panicking and cleaning and making of beds went on while he drove them to our house. The only good thing I could think of as I looked at the dirty floors was that finally Lesley would believe that we didn't live a charmed and perfect life in an immaculate tidy house!

We had a great laugh catching up over a BBQ and a couple of bottles of wine while Adam, their 10yr old son raced around and played with our three like they had known each other all their lives. The next morning they joined us on the school run and had a look around the kids classrooms and met a few of their friends. They went off exploring for a few hours and joined us again for tea and more wine. We finished the evening by going into the TV room with bowls of popcorn and watching an episode of Dr Who which was great fun.

Adam joined us on the school run again today and played handball in the playground before assembly.
Sian proudly told me that all the other boys were wondering who he was and said that he was "pretty cool"
After one last cup of tea and an exchange of UK gossip they climbed into their camper van and headed off for the excitement of Sydney.

Safe travelling and thanks for calling in.
We are looking forward to getting a postcard from Fuji ! - Ooops, I mean Fiji !
Enjoy the rest of your adventure...

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