Sunday, July 20, 2008

Beer Fest

Byron and a few of his friends who appreciate a few drinks decided to have a cultured evening of beer tasting (?) in our house this weekend. Co-incidentally it was also the night of a big Rugby Union match between Australia and South Africa. John Newton went off and bought vast amounts of beer from all around the world and ordered equal amounts of meat pies to help line their stomachs....

The room was well prepared, an extra sofa was carried in so that there would be the room for the 10 expected drinkers, the Australian flag was pinned to the wall, the beer fridge had been moved into the room to prevent unnecessary walking in and out of the kitchen and the log fire was burning brightly (well the "ambient burning fireplace" DVD was playing on the TV...!!!)

There was a knock on the door and in filed John and his wife Maree carrying boxes of beer so high you couldn't see their faces! A few trips back and forth to the car and the beer fridge was full, the Esky was overflowing and the extras were in the normal kitchen fridge!

Dr John was very proud of his organisational skills and took charge of the other men by demanding I get out my multi vitamins and make each of them take one straight away to ward off the next days inevitable hangovers!

At that point I left to have tea in Marees house with the kids and give the men space to cheer and curse their way through the rugby match.

I wont go into much detail about what state they were all in when I got home but they were having a GREAT time!!! Such a great time that they were in no rush to head home! Eventually someone mentioned the word "Taxi" and I took that as my cue to ring one on the quiet and then push them gently towards the door when it pulled up outside.

Today we returned the beer fridge to its rightful place in the laundry room and emptied the esky of the melted ice.

Despite the men's very best efforts to drink all the beer they left behind a reasonable amount which has been lodged in the "Baynham Beer Bank" which will store the beer and will have beer "withdrawn" from it on each Friday afternoon that the kids are going to tennis so that the contributors to its purchase can continue to avail of it until the bank runs dry.

...and the match result:

Australia 16 - 9 South Africa

Worth the hangover according to all those who were watching!

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