Friday, July 11, 2008


We had some bad news on Wednesday night.

Byron was asked to ring into work for a company wide meeting at 2am Australian time. When he asked if he really needed to be at it he was told to take the afternoon off and have time with his family to "prepare"

This had us on edge and when Byron dialled in at 2am he was told that the company had folded and he no longer had a job. No notice. No job. No pay for outstanding holidays. He was told to just wait and see if he gets paid for this months work or not.

It is a very unsettling time. With a house full of pilgrims and a timetable to ferry them around from 9am till 9pm and the kids on school holidays there hasn't been any time for Byron and myself to sit down together and talk or just have quiet time together. We are trying to be positive. For every door that shuts another one opens, The adventure of new beginnings, Everything will be fine. These are easy to say in daylight but at night in the dark it is harder to believe.

We have each other and the kids and our health. We know we have all the things that are important. We just hope that it won't be too long before the talented Mr B finds himself a new job.

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