Thursday, July 24, 2008

You can't teach a Granny to suck eggs....

You can't teach a Granny to suck eggs, especially if that Granny is actually a Nanny who lives in Wales.

Byron's Mum has a thing about eggs.

When I first married Byron he told me about how, as a child, he would put a raw egg (still in its shell) in his mouth and would chase his Mum around the kitchen where she would be almost physically sick at the sight of it.... Strangely when Byron put an egg in his mouth and chased me around our kitchen when we were newlyweds I didn't give a stuff and told him if he wasn't careful I would squeeze his cheeks and crush the egg in his mouth. He looked a bit crestfallen that this party trick wasn't going to have the same reaction on me as it did on his Mum.

The reason I was remembering this story today was actually because it has a vague connection to a story about Byron's Dad...

Byron's Dad has a thing about Lemons.

He has no problem about them being in his mouth and in fact will cut up a lemon and eat it like a segmented orange. He doesn't even make the slightest face as he bites into the sour flesh. Gareth has taken after his Grandad. When our friend Angelina sent a lemon to us from her lemon tree I thought it would get chopped up and put in cold drinks at the weekend but Gareth begged and begged to have it for himself. Finally after breakfast today I gave in and cut it up for him and he tucked in with gusto.

In conclusion I have learnt that you can't teach a Nanny to suck eggs but you can teach a grandson to suck lemons!

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