Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Chilli boy...

Byron is a Chilli monster. In Thai or Indian restaurants he always asks them to make his meal HOT! He just can't get spicy enough. I have never yet seen him unable to finish a meal due to it's spiciness. Even on a business trip to India his Indian colleagues brought him out and ordered him food so hot they gave up eating it but he just tucked in.

When we arrived in Australia we were given a few tiny chilli plants by a friend called Peter. Peter is Aboriginal and can grow anything anywhere. He swore these chilli's were the easiest plants in the world to keep alive and he is right. They have survived three house moves and a flood. No matter how much we neglect these plants they grow and grow. This year they are being chomped by snails (would the leaves be at all spicy?) and still they are giving us a bumper crop.

Gareth helped me to pick a bowlful today. He wanted to try one. I explained how spicy they were and he teased me by dangling a chilli closer and closer to his mouth...

Like father like son...?


He took my word for it and left them for his Dad!

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  1. Smart boy! those look firey! Ouch!

  2. I need to get my hands on some of those peppers. My dad and my husband are chili boys too. They sweat they hiccup. Yet they just keep eating. I must say that I don't understand the appeal.

  3. I swear, my mouth started burning just by looking at those photos!
    Smart guy, leaving the chilis for Dad to enjoy!

  4. yeah my hubby is the same!

  5. Once upon a time I could eat really spicey food....not so much anymore. :(

  6. Soooo jealous! can't wait til my garden looks like that!!