Monday, April 26, 2010

The sleepover.

Last night was Rhiannon's sleepover party. 6 friends added to our three kids meant we had 9 sugar filled whirlwinds flying around the house from 4pm yesterday until 10am today. On their own each kid was really good, as a collective they were wild.

The Crazy Socks theme was enthusiastically embraced by each kid who walked, hopped or skipped through our front door. They looked like they had fallen out of the rainbow with their stripes and spots. There were fluffy and soft, long and short, sparkly ones and ones with toes in.  One little pair of legs had sewn on extra beads and buttons to make her socks even crazier!

We did a movie with popcorn, present opening while Byron escaped to collect the food, enough pizza to feed an army, lollies, cup cakes and of course the Crazy Cake that Rhiannon made earlier. The sugar intake sparked a balloon fight and lots of loud squealing and shrieking.

Finally sleeping bags were unrolled and clothes were swapped for pj's and we tried to start the wind down. The word tried is what I would like you to focus on. We dimmed the lights, snuggled everyone on mattresses and sofas and started the final movie of the night, "Where the wild things are"

I'll tell you where the wild things were. In my house! Numerous trips up and down the stairs to calm things and focus their attention on the tv instead of lamping the daylights out of each other with pillows and finally at 10.30pm things seemed to quieten down a little. I was lulled into a false sense of security as the next hour passed relatively peacefully.

At 11.30pm Byron and myself turned off the downstairs tv and headed to bed only to walk into the middle of complete chaos, laughing, running, shrieking, bouncing. Hmmm, not really asleep after all. Out came the cranky mummy voice and I threatened that the owner of the next word I heard would be separated from the group and made to sleep in a spare bed in another room

Until 6am at least. And then it all began again!

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  1. Oh what fun! I loved sleepovers!!!

  2. Girls just wanna have fun.... don't cha know??

  3. I am sure they all had a great time... you are one crazy mum ..:-)

  4. Amber slept well the next night that's for sure. Although i do remember an email from Rhiannion to all the girls saying that there would be no time for sleeping I guess you and Rhiannion had different ideas. Karen

  5. How much fun! Sounds like this will be quite a memorable sleepover for the girls (and you!)
    I loved sleepovers when I was younger -- the movies, the sleeping bags lined up on the floor, the pillow fights, the late night whispering...
    When'd I get to be too old for sleepovers?!

  6. I once had six kids over for a sleepover for my youngest...and spent the better part of the night in my room wondering what insanity had taken over my brain to make me say yes to that!! :)

    Sounds like the girls had a great time...a memorable birthday for Rhiannon ~ which by the way I must wish a belated happy 10th birthday to.

  7. It looks like fun was had by all!! Happy birthday to your daughter!! Your collage of pictures is wonderful!!!! :)

    ~ Wendy

  8. Brave, brave, brave, foolish, brave woman! {grin}