Wednesday, April 14, 2010

School Holidays...

When I was a stay at home Mum I had 5 days a week to catch up on laundry, do the supermarket shop and clean the bathrooms. I don't really remember having tons of free time, you know to read a book, or paint my toe nails or sit with a cup of tea in the back garden.

Then along came the school holidays and it would be chaos! Three kids running around untidying faster than I could tidy, messing faster than I could clean and emptying the pantry faster than I could fill it. The house would be an utter mess. By the time the kids went back to school I was left in an unrecognisable mess, trashed house and a brain like jelly.

Then something happened. Byron lost his job. I returned to work. Fast forward 2 years and here we are. I work three days a week and all that used to be done in 5 days now gets done on Monday and Friday. Or half done or not done at all as more realistically happens. On both those days the washing machine runs over and over and the clothes start being hung on the line before breakfast in a conveyor belt of wet washing out, more clothes in washer, first load of dry clothes in, second load out, etc, etc... I'm not sure I know what a book looks like any more. I haven't looked at my toe nails in a long time. Cup of tea? I'd love one thanks...

And then along come the school holidays. We are in our second week of them now and I'm in heaven. I've done a small load of washing each morning and hung it out slowly to stay there all day. There is just no rush. We've been to the park. We've gone to the theatre. We've been shopping. We've baked. We've done loads of drawing and craft and sticking and glueing. We even squeezed in a coffee stop where we took this photo on my mobile and sent it to a very jealous Mr B who was stuck in his office.

Much as I miss my old life and much as I find working and running a house very challenging and exhausting I have to admit something. It has given me perspective. Did I appreciate being at home for those early years? I know I did. But I may not have appreciated it this much. I do now. I promise. So now Holy God if you could just let me win the lottery I promise I would love every minute of being home again. I'd never moan or whine. I'd always have lovely painted toe nails and I'd find the time to read every now and again. I know I ask you this every week God but if you don't ask you don't get, right? What's that God? You want me to meet you half way? I have to do what? Oh yeah, you mean I actually need to go buy a ticket?!.....

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  1. Yea, I keep hearing that the ticket. Guess it would make the dream closer to reality if we did that right? :)

  2. Chances are, your chances aren't very good ... since you have already won the lottery! Just look around you Gina!

  3. We do think alike. How funny! Great post!!

  4. I am constantly wondering how people work and manage a household? I cannot even imagine trying to accomplish everything that I do in a weekend or evenings. As for toenails, I am guessing that this is something that I get to worry about in a few years. For now I am just happy if I get time to shave my legs :).

    I am SO grateful for the blessing that is being home with the kiddos. Somehow I think that you were appreciative all along as well. Although, the lottery sure would be nice.

  5. Thanks for your comment Gina! Most of my days are awesome and happy, but I'm not perfect : )! I like your blog! I really want to live vicariously through you. That beach looks amazing! I'm glad you are enjoying those school holidays!

  6. Can you hear the giggling from clear over there? Yes that is me...and yes you need to at least buy a ticket! Kim

  7. Do what I do. Give up sleep.

    Everything gets done in the wee hours of the morning.

    I do miss sleep, though.