Saturday, April 17, 2010

Rugby 2010

9am Saturday morning
Three kids in the car - check
Ice cold water  - Check
Orange wedges - Check
Skull cap - Check
Mouth Guard - Check
Camera - Check
Looks like Rugby 2010 Season is well under way!

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  1. rugby looks SO much cooler than American football! Go Gareth!!!

  2. We will be looking for game photos and highlight updates in the future. :)

  3. How awesome! You raise 'em tough over there, don't you!!
    Have fun, and be safe.

  4. Looks like fun! This morning we had a soccer game. My oldest is on a co-ed team, and was going for the ball when another boy's head met hers. The end result was tears, and we told her we needed to get her a helmet. :)

  5. What fun! My hockey playing son joined the high school rugby team and was often found on the sidelines for "checking" too high. Once I overheard the ref ask if he played hockey? And with a disgusted look, gave him a stern warning! He eventually got it right... plays now for an adult league- both sports still! Enjoy this time with the kids... it goes by all too fast!

  6. This looks like fun! Rugby's not a sport that I'm familiar with, so I'm looking forward to more pictures & updates throughout the season!