Thursday, April 08, 2010

She's back...

She's back. She's brown as a berry. She's had a ball in Bali....

Who am I talking about? 

Why, Karen of course!

When she got home she rang and told me she had brought me back a present. 

I was expecting something like this...

Instead I got this...

I think I'll forgive her!

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  1. Gina... she really really does like you!!! After all that teasing, you did deserve that t-shirt!

  2. Karen went to Bali? Really? She didn't say.

  3. Wonder if i will see karen at the gym next monday....all brown and relaxed?

  4. Oh yes, she is forgiven!

  5. I am back i did get a tan and had a fabulous time and what can i say yes i am a great friend Gina is lucky to have me lol

  6. Beautiful necklace. I bet it'll make you feel happy and gorgeous every time you put it on. And if you're lucky, it'll make a clicking sound when the beads hit each other like my glass necklace from Venice.

  7. Hi Gina .. wow what a beautiful present.. :-) I doubt if my hubby will bring me back such a lovely gift, he is in Bali with his work mates.. having a luxury break from Formula 1 .. leaves tomorrow to go to China.

    He left here on 18th March for Australia, then to Malaysia , then a break in Bali and back to work in China.. I doubt if Bali was rest though, more like a glorified Mens 5 days .. you know what I mean ! He doesn't come home until 20th April!

  8. Beautiful!