Wednesday, April 07, 2010

The Golden Goose

Today we went to the Young Peoples Theatre and saw their production of The Golden Goose starring the wonderful, the marvellous, the talented... Sophie and Gemma!

Our wonderful friends who have put weekends and weekends into rehearsing for this production. The best bit about the play is when the final curtain goes down. Ooops! That sounds like an insult or a bad theatre critic review. What I meant to say is that the best bit is when the final curtain goes down and then up again for the audience to mingle on-stage with the cast. There were over 20 of us friends there today and as soon as we were allowed on-stage we ran up to Sophie and Gemma to congratulate them on their wonderful performances.

Taking a photo of 7 moving kids in low light with a mobile phone is no easy task but here is a pic to show off our talented friends. I am hoping that when they are accepting their Oscars in the future I can sell these photos for a small fortune!

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  1. Thank you Gina for organising the big group to come and see the play. If you live in Newcastle and haven't seen the Young People's Production of "The Golden Goose", it is on every Saturday until the end of May - it is two hours of FABULOUS entertainment for toddlers through to old folk.

    From the totally unbiased mother, Monica

  2. I have to say, your cell phone camera is amazing! :)