Friday, April 23, 2010

Rhiannon's School Birthday Celebrations.

In our local school when it is a kids birthday they are presented with a certificate at the morning assembly and have to say what age they are. The rest of the school are encouraged to try adding up the ages in their heads to find the total age of the kids on stage. This is fun when there are two or three but chaos after a school holiday break where there may be 10 or more kids! Here is a wobbly video taken on my phone. Rhiannon is the child running up to join the other two kids. Her 10th birthday is on Monday which is a public holiday so she got her certificate today. You can see from the video how lucky the kids are to be in such a small school surrounded by tall gum trees.

They are also allowed to bring in a tray of cakes to share with their classmates. I had forgotten that Rhiannon's Birthday would be celebrated today and was thinking I would be sending cakes in next week. I had to race home and bake a very quick tray of mini muffins and decorated them with love heart sweets. I had fun reading the words on them and eating the odd one as I decorated if I felt the message was a bit racy.... OK they weren't really racy I just have a sweet tooth!

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  1. The big treat when my daughters were in elementary school was for me to come to lunch on their birthdays. It was interesting to sit at a table with lots of other little ones in little bitty chairs. My oldest daughter's birthday was in August so we would pick a day near the end of the year for me to lunch with her. Fun Times! :)