Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Easter!

Last night we went to the Easter Vigil Mass. It was longer than the normal 1 hour service. Partly due to the extra ceremony of blessing the Easter water and the making of the Paschal candle. Partly due to the extra songs that were incorporated into it. Just for good measure there was a Christening too. 

Being an evening service it was really lovely to be in the church with nothing but candle light during the times the main lights were dimmed. All in I think we spent about 1 hour and 55 minutes in Church. Not that I was counting. But sitting next to me were Gareth and his friend Tommy. They very quietly kept whispering to me "How many more minutes?" 

Sian was Alter Serving and Rhiannon had melted away to sit next to a friend in the row behind. I made sure I kept looking back to see she wasn't up to any mischief but she was very engrossed in her friend Neve's Easter book that she had borrowed. 

Finally at 8pm I put three very tired kids in the car and went home to get them into bed ready for the Easter Bunny. I had used his visit as an opportunity to get Rhiannon to tidy her bedroom floor, so that the poor bunny wouldn't break a hip as he hopped amongst the clothes, jigsaws, books, magnets, pens, hair clips and other assorted junk treasure scattered over her carpet. 

The clocks went back last night. At 3am it became 2am once more. I always get confused when Daylight saving starts and ends. There is talk about stopping it. Who knows. I guess I will be glad of it on Tuesday when I will be getting up for work at 6am and I will be able to see my way out of the bedroom without tripping over the empty Easter Egg boxes. They are not quite empty yet but I sure plan on helping to start that process as soon as I press the publish button! 

Happy Easter everyone. I hope you have a lovely day whether it involves visiting friends and family or quiet time together in your home, church or chocolate or a mixture of both. 

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  1. Happy Easter Gina and family!! I love the graphic picture... so cool!! Have a blessed day friend!!

  2. Hi! I found you on the Blog Frog forums and am now a follower. I loved your profile description of getting to know women in other parts of the world. There is another blogger in Australia who I follow and email with. I think she's somewhere near Adelaide.