Sunday, September 06, 2009

Fathers Day 2009

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  1. What a lovely picture !!

    bit better than swansea x

  2. It looks like a postcard!!

  3. I saw a picture on another Mums blog with text over a sepia image and it inspired me to make this.

    I think I used snapfish on-line to edit an existing photo and then just saved it back to my pc.

    This idea works well for printing out and sticking onto blank stiff paper for a personalised birthday or Christmas card.

  4. It is so perfect!

    Do you think anybody would notice it wasn't my family if I used it for our family Christmas card this year?

  5. HaHa! Just print it out and stick your own faces on top. Easy! Failing that just email me a snapshot and I'll email back the edited version!

  6. Wonderful shot! Love the editing....very well done!

  7. Wow you are a nurse, a cool mother AND a computer whiz, fair play to you woman!!
    Beautiful picture.

  8. This picture is gorgeous!!

    And I'm realizing just how uncultured I really am. Father's Day in September is different to us Americans who can sometimes have our heads stuck in the sand (no pun intended with the pic!) I need to learn more...

    Thanks for sharing this!