Friday, September 25, 2009

I lit a candle for you...

When I was growing up in Dublin lighting candles was the most exciting part of Mass on a Sunday. I loved putting a 10p coin in the metal box and being allowed to light the small wax candle from another one and spending ages choosing where to put it.

When I bring my kids to Mass they always ask for some coins so they can light their own candles. Most times they light them for their grandparents in Ireland and Wales. Sometimes for Nanny Ponty and the baby in heaven.

There is something very symbolic for me about these little white candles burning bright. Each one with its very own prayer attached. Whenever I have had something big happening in my life my family in Ireland light candles for me and it makes me feel loved. Whether I have been sitting exams, going for a pregnancy scan or just when life was a bit tough.

Today as I headed back to my car in the school car-park, kids safely in school, I carried on walking past the car and into the church. I pulled some coins out of my purse and I listened to the loud clunk as they went into the offering box. Someone had been there before me and a few candles were already flickering in the dark corner. I stood in the cool dark silence of the empty church and I lit candles slowly, each one for someone who needs a little bit of love.

For my parents who face health struggles that they will be strong for each other. For friends finding these economic times tough that they will have better times on the horizon. For a family friend who returned from her honeymoon to start chemo for breast cancer that it will be successful. For my niece who will start her first job as a registered nurse on Monday that she will be mentored through this new stage in her life by kind colleagues and nice patients. For my sister that she will find a way to prevent the headaches that affect her so regularly. For a family that lost their beautiful baby girl that they will stay strong for their other kids and that they will be surrounded by kind friends who will protect them. For my brothers baby due in December that he or she will arrive safe and healthy. For my friends old and new, living nearby or around the world, that their week will be a good one. And finally for my wonderful Mr B and my three happy, healthy kids, that we will all stay strong, happy and together whatever the future holds.

Right now in a small church in Australia these little candles are burning bright...

...and one of them is flickering brightly for you.

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  1. Hi Gina-

    I just received your comment on my blog. I wasn't sure how to respond except for commenting on yours! Anyways, thank you so much for taking the time to write to me. Please feel free to read my blog as often as you would like and forward it on to anyone who may be interested in it.

    I am also very sorry for your loss. As you know, those words don't really do it justice, but sometimes it's all one can say. I'm so glad to see that life is now good for you!



  2. I'm feeling very fortunate right now to call you my friend. Your kindness and gentle nature are beautiful. This post gave me a very warm feeling as I read through it....and brought a smile to my face at the end. Thank you for such a lovely beginning to my day.

  3. Wow, I wrote to you on my blog, but wanted to be sure you saw it. So, again, I'm completely humbled and amazed that you would pray for our family. Thank you so much. To think that someone on the other side of the world has said a prayer for me, is just awesome.

    Thank you!

  4. Gina, your blog is beautiful. I have a strong feeling we would be good friends. You write beautifully!

  5. THANKS GINA thanks it made me feel happy that you are so thoughtful i think i will do the same this week and light a candle for my uncle who is dying at the moment. see you in school Karen

  6. I love lighting candles at church with my children, and we always did it as kids too.
    Nice blog.
    Nice name:)