Friday, September 11, 2009

What's for dinner Mum? Answered!

I need to go grocery shopping. The fridge is empty and the freezer...

...well, it's a little full of other stuff right now.

Can anyone guess why Mr B's jeans have been in the freezer for the last two weeks?!

The Answer!

You are too clever Heidi!

He sat on chewing gum at the wallabies V's All Blacks game in Sydney last month and I heard that freezing it overnight makes it easier to remove.

It just kind of slipped down the list of priorities and they stayed there a couple of weeks!
But it worked!

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  1. Hello,

    My guess is....

    his dresser is full??????


    With love and hope,

  2. Well, either your being cruel and freezing his clothes as punishment or he sat in chewing gum and freezing it allows you to pick it off...Happy freezing! Heidi

  3. Hmmmm....jeans in the freezer for two weeks? Not a clue! :)