Saturday, September 26, 2009

Ice cream cup cakes.

I saw the best idea for kiddy cupcakes at our school fair last weekend. A mum had baked cake mixture inside ice cream cones and decorated them to look like an ice cream. I decided to give it a try and it worked!

I didn't invest a lot of money in them in case they were a disaster. We bought our local supermarkets own-brand ice-cream cones (Flat bottomed so they would stand up on the baking tray) and a bag of shops own-brand chocolate cake mixture. We filled the cones 3/4 full of mixture and when they came out of the oven we poured some chocolate topping and sprinkles on top. They stand well in an empty egg box and would be really easy to bring out to the park or a party.

Call me stingy but they actually cost less than 15 cents each! It would be really easy to upgrade them to a nicer home made cake mixture for a special occasion. I can see us making these a few times over the coming two week school holidays! Rathmines park anyone?

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  1. the kids brought some of those at the fair. i thought the cake was made as normal then stuffed into ice cream cones shows you how much notice i took. i will have to make some in the holidays as well looks like fun. karen

  2. I have seen this before but never knew anyone that actually made them. Good to know it works because I think they would be great for a party. Yours look very tasty...hmmm, wonder if I have any ingredients in the pantry? :)

  3. Id seen these before but thought you had to make the cake and then put it in the cone. Im surprised the cone didnt burn. I cant wait to try making these!!! Elaine

  4. Rory would love them LOL

  5. Oh my that looks so YUMMY!!!!