Monday, September 28, 2009

Table 22, Your order is ready...

We are having fun with Byrons Fathers Day present. The one he bought himself after we had already invested in an "I love Dad" Toblerone and a DVD of the latest James Bond: Quantum of Solace.

I could pretend to be all outraged that he fell in love with a marvel of chrome and buttons on the Saturday there was a "one-day-only-50%-off-selected-electrical-gadgets" day at the local Domayne.

I could pretend I was all outraged but secretly inside I was as excited as he was as I watched his face break out in a huge grin from ear to ear at the cash till.

I know that he has wanted one of these coffee machines for years. There was always something more urgent on the list of things to buy. But with 50% off and Fathers day and the weekend he got paid his first years bonus in his new job, how could I resist?

This weekend we passed through the local town doing a few chores. As we finished up and headed to the car the kids asked if they could have a hot chocolate at "Double Take" a local cafe. We momentarily hesitated (knowing there would be no change from a $20 note) and then said we could do just as well at home with our new machine (boring parents that we are)

When we got home we pressed buttons, opened tins of chocolate powder and filled the kitchen with the noise of the steam frother and the aroma of rich fresh coffee. The kids got into the spirit of things when they saw me draw a number "22" on a piece of card and I propped it on the table next to them.

A few more presses of buttons and exotic whizzing and grinding sounds from the kitchen and I called out...

"Table 22, Your order is ready..."

Does this mean we can finally stop justifying the money we

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  1. I hate to nit pick but I think it would be poor form to not point out your faux pas -

    Three children
    Two parents
    5 matching mugs.

    No, really, it is completely shameful. I'll bet you have one completely matching silverware set, too.

    The mugs are ceramic and breakable. Is your floor made out of rubber?

  2. Ah, Yes, I see your point.

    Would it reduce the magnitude of my social Faux Pas if I were to tell you that the matching cups were from the cheap bargain shelf of my local supermarket, the box of 4 cups and saucers costing less than the price of a take-away coffee?

    Also that I personally managed to break one saucer before leaving the supermarket car-park?

    As for the matching silverwear... Does it count if I tell you it was a wedding present from my eccentric spinster Aunty Mary in Dublin? Or that we only use it in desperation when I run out of clean cutlery in the kitchen and cant be bothered washing up...?

    Thanks for pointing out my deficiencies... I'll try to be more careful in future (!)

  3. Lovely, vibrant post, thanks for letting us press our noses against your kitchen window!

    My husband bought a coffee machine some time ago and they have a fab relationship, he's more attentive to 'it' than me sometimes...;)

  4. I did notice Mr. B giving the machine a nice hug! :) Sounds like fun....I use to do the same thing with my daughters when they were younger and wanted ice cream treats. We could make the same thing at home, but much better. I never thought of the table number are very clever!

  5. I love it. Love your humor. Table 22 is very lucky :)

  6. yummmy yummmy!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. How fun! And may I add that table 23 is over here waiting for HER hot chocolate still...I mean seriously, how long must a girl wait? {grin}

    Your husband does look extremely appy (and may I say snuggly) with that fandaggled machine...{grin}

  8. Congrat on 1000 posts! Wow and it's amazing your daughter will be in highschool in january you must be very proud of her. You family is lucky to have you. Cute story you told here :)

  9. Just hopping over from The Blog Frog to say hi and check you out :)

  10. Well, I see no faux pas, and I simply LOVE this post! You are so humorous and creative! :) And what a great picture!