Tuesday, September 15, 2009

First swim.

What do you get when you throw 7 kids into a freezing swimming pool on the first sunny day in spring? Goosebumps, blue lips, laughter and a row of kids with their backs up against a warm wall thawing themselves out!

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  1. Adorable picture! It seems funny that we are finally enjoying cooler weather here in the U.S and you are looking forward to the warmer weather!

    I'm sure it will be nice for me, in the middle of winter to hear that you are enjoying the sun.

    Take Care,
    With love and hope,

  2. What a fun picture. Enjoy your warm weather; we have had torrential thnderstorms here all day - still now.

  3. Call me a whimp, but i wont go into the water unless outside its 30C and above! Hope the kids had fun, they dont seem to feel the cold like their parents do LOL.