Monday, September 21, 2009

Home truths.

We have made some changes in our house over the last week. One change is doing chores as a team after tea so that we can sit down and spend more family time together in the evenings until the kids go to bed.

The kids have all been much more affectionate, particularly with me and it seems to have had a huge impact in a really short amount of time. It has really proven to us that it is not material things that make kids secure and happy but love, affection and time.

We think we are well read and clued up parents but it took someone outside of our family to point out some home truths. I'm really glad we got the wake-up call to make these changes when we did. The whole family seems to be so much happier as a result.

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  1. So right....the time spent with your children far out weight the material things. My youngest is still living at home but my oldest is away most of the time now. I value the time when the 3 of us are together...laughing and talking ~ takes me back to when they were smaller and we spent so much time together.

  2. I get to spend a fair bit of time with the kids during the day, so after dinner is play with Daddy time while Mummy washes up LOL. I dont mind as they really need some time with Dad to climb all over him and terrorise him.
    Well done Gina. I have a note on my fridge that says "if we spend time and not money, our kids are richer for it".

  3. I was just talking about this today. Kids don't care, if they have parents who give them loads of attention and love. Beautiful pic Gina.

  4. I adore that picture! How beautiful and full of love!

    We have found the same thing with our two kids left at home. The more we pull together the closer we get; kids don't wish to be entertained all the time - they love unity and togetherness no matter what it is...