Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dust storm

I'm on my way out the door to work. It's 6.30am and I cant believe what I can see outside. The air is ORANGE! We have had huge westerly winds all night and they have brought with them fine red dust which I can only imagine must be from the central part of Australia. When you see documentaries and photos of Alice Springs the ground is rich orange/red. It looks like half of Alice Springs has fallen into our garden! This morning this is the view from our front door...

This photo is completely original. I have not adjusted it in any way since taking it, no colour enhancements at all. This is what I will drive through on my way to work!

*Update* I am home from work now and it really has been the most surreal day. Some of the older patients thought it was the end of the world.

One of the night nurses kids rang her so excited, he was convinced it was the fall-out from a meteorite and wanted to know did he really have to go to school!

It's 4pm and the sky has returned to a clear pale blue but everything is covered in a fine orange dust, the cars, the Guinea Pig cage, the BBQ! I don't think I have ever had to dust my garden before!

Another couple of photos, this time from my phone:

The car journey to work...

The hospital as I arrived for my 7am shift...

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  1. I know what a spin out!
    I put some photos on my blog today too. Those 90km winds have sent the dust storm up to QLD now.

  2. Wow, we saw pictures of Sydney on the news this morning and were wondering how you were affected. I'm glad you can still turn a wierd situation into a great photo opportunity!!(I'll worry when you don't). I've seen people vacuuming their gardens but dusting as well...Mother Nature must be a man!! Love to you all Cathy

  3. Those pictures are pretty cool. Whats it like in Sydney? reply back to me at

  4. It would be a bit unsettling to wake up to orange are right, the pictures do make everything seem surreal.

  5. Have you every seen anything like this before?

  6. Fantastic piccies bruv !!

    looks like something from 'Madmax'

    Is everyone ok ??

    Steve xx

  7. Thanks for your comments everyone.

    All back to normal today and everyone is fine. Blue skies and dusty cars! No, I have never seen anything like this before, and neither have any of my Australian friends either. Even the old people in the hospital cant recall the last dust storm (which the news said was 70 years ago)

    Life goes on, 6am and I'm hugging my cup of tea and trying to wake up enough to put on my uniform and head out to the hospital....

  8. Wow, that is insane. I'm so glad you shared pics with us! History in the making, right there!

  9. How eery! The pictures are beautiful though - in a strange, creepy, what's gonna happen kind of way... {grin}

    Glad all is well now but that would have been strange.

  10. Are you in Alice Springs ?

    Borneo island here

    See my blog on the Red Storm :

  11. We are about 2 hours drive North of Sydney.

    It just looked like Alice Springs with all the red dust everywhere!