Thursday, September 24, 2009

Japanese Day

Today was "Japanese Day" in Gareth's class. They have been learning about Japanese culture, food and language over the last few weeks.

Today they were given the chance to dress up in a "Japanese" theme and have a fun day involving eating Sushi, doing Tai Chi, making origami animals and painting traditional Japanese letters and numbers.

He came home saying that he now likes eating seaweed but still doesn't like Avocados ?!!

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  1. hi gina, thank you for stopping by my blog.

    what a great day at gareth's school. this reminds me of the things my kids used to do in school, and always it was fun.

    i'll be back.


  2. Dear Gina, I was facinated by this post because not only is my son's name Gareth but he's married to a beautiful Japanese girl who I adore. To make this an even more amazing coincidence if Sian is your daughter's name - I have one of them too!:) (Your Gareth is so cute!)

  3. It looks like we have lots of similarities! I do have a Sian (11) and also a Rhiannon (9) in between and Gareth (6) as our youngest. My husband is Welsh and although I am Irish he got the upper hand while I was floating with the fairies after their births so they all got Welsh first names and Irish second names. Do you have Welsh connections?

  4. :) I don't have any Welsh connections so why these names popped into our heads is a mystery. I also have a Pembrokeshire corgi - how odd is that. Your children will have lovely characters with that wonderful Irish / Welsh heritage.