Thursday, August 27, 2009

Book Week 2009

Every year in school the kids have a book week. The finale of Book Week is the "out of uniform" day where they dress up as their favourite book characters. I needed to leave for work at 6.30 this morning but Rhiannon needed help with her hair. She wanted me to make it look like Pippi Longstocking and she didn't trust Byron to do it!

And so I had a busy 6am start to my early day and left the kids in the capable hands of Mr B to carry on and get them to school on time. He did a great job and even stopped to take some photos for me so I could see how great they looked.

Sian was dressed as Marty the Zebra from Madagascar (complete with home made mask printed off from a google search!)

Rhiannon was Pippi Longstocking

...and Gareth was Ben10 (another home print job!)

Thank goodness for Google, the printer and a great husband!

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  1. What?! No Harry Potter?

    Love the Pippi!

  2. Your kids are just the cutest ever! I hope mine will still be willing to pose for a picture when they're that age!

  3. Great costumes the 3 of you, why wereen't you wearing your face mask Sian, Glad to see you're still a Ben 10 fan Gareth, and as for your costume Rhiannon we think it's great, you to the 'T'.
    Well done all of you.