Monday, August 31, 2009

How to survive in a family of three kids...

Three kids get off the school bus all talking over one another to be the first to tell me how their day went. They make it into the kitchen abandoning shoes, school-bags, water bottles, hats and socks on the way. They see three plates in a row with three slices of yesterdays birthday cake.

One child grabs the biggest piece and eats half it in one huge mouthful.

Another child grabs the next biggest piece and starts to lick the green icing from the top before deciding they desperately need to go to the toilet. But will the cake be safe while they are gone?

The last child nearly gets knocked to the ground by the one racing to use the toilet and this is shouted out by a clever pair of lungs...

"Don't eat my cake, I have licked ALL OVER IT!"

Now that is how you survive in a family of three kids!

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  1. When the licker returns from the toilet, the one who got run over announces, "I licked, too."

  2. with gotta love it!

  3. Hahaha, very funny kids!!

  4. I have three sons and I can totally relate to this!!! I just love it, don't you?!!? : )

    ~ Wendy