Sunday, August 23, 2009

Rugby Mania!

This weekend has been a real RUGBY one. Yesterday Gareth's team played their final match of the season at their home ground. It was a draw so everyone was a winner (I will not mention the try that we all thought Gar got that was disallowed. It is not important. He is only 6 and we are not the kind of parents to get worked up over a child's sporting event)

Today we drove to Sydney to watch an International Rugby Union game. It was the Australian Wallabies playing The New Zealand All Blacks. What made it more exciting and more special than any other big sporting even we have ever been to before was the fact than some of the kids from Gareth's local rugby club had been pulled out of a hat to play a mini match on the pitch before the main teams played.

A group of families connected to the club travelled in cars and by bus to Sydney and cheered them on as they played their hearts out. What an honour to play to an almost full stadium of 80,225 people!

Go The Roo's!!!!

Another fun moment of the day was when Sian was interviewed on the big screen in the pre-match warm up. I have a movie clip that I took on the camera but I need Mr B's help to shrink it small enough for the blog. Check back in the next 24hours and hopefully it will be HERE!

I think I did it all by myself! Can you see it?

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  1. She is too cute...and didn't appear at all nervous. I would have been stuttering all over myself!. I love the accents!!

  2. That is an amazing little girl. She's so confident!

  3. Well done Sian, pity the Wallabies couldn't quite pull it off.

  4. Hi Gareth,
    No wonder you enjoy your rugby, who is the young lady you're cwtching up to?