Thursday, August 13, 2009

Market Day.

Saturday in Rarotonga is market day.

All sorts of things are for sale to the background noise and music of traditional dancers and singers.

There are stalls with fresh fruits and vegetables.

Shirts in every colour of tropical print under the sun.

Homemade dresses.

Freshly cooked foods, cold coconuts.

And finally, a man with a chair and a sign " Shoulder massage $10"

How could I resist, especially as I had already spent the last few days swallowing migraine tablets to keep a nagging low grade migraine at bay. Oil was poured from an old plastic coke bottle and without me having said anything about my head within minutes the mans hands had stopped over the knot in my right shoulder. He prodded and poked and worked on the knot and areas of my scalp with the sweet smell of the brown coconut oil until I was floating somewhere up in the sky looking down on the hustle of the market. One last squeeze of my scalp and he bent down and whispered "God Bless You" in my ear leaving me headache free and covered in goose bumps.

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  1. That sounds absolutely wonderful! How long is your holiday?

  2. Can you please bring shoulder massage man back with you?!?!
    Loving the updates and photos...

  3. It has been a two week holiday but we are on our last day today :-(

    Getting a 2am flight to New Zealand and then on to Sydney arriving breakfast time.

    Looking forward to getting home to our own house and things but will miss the wonderful people here...