Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The holiday...so far!

Our first week here in Rarotonga has been great. We have chilled out and done a lot of activities here that we hadn't expected to.

The weather has been a bit mixed so we have been joining in on some of the resort activities to pass the time on the cloudy days and making the most of the beach on the sunny ones.

The activities have not been karaoke, bingo and other hug-a-stranger types that we have experienced on other holidays.

They have been more about learning about the Island culture and traditions.

We have learned how to climb coconut trees (Watched NOT participated!) Woven hats and baskets from the palm leaves, learned some basic Maori, dyed our own sarongs and made flower head-dresses.

Just in case this sounds too wholesome for you we have also drank one of every cocktail on the menu (TWICE!) and the kids have become expert gamblers, well they placed $2 bets on the hermit crab races and won $30!

I have taken hundreds of photos and have been delighted with my little netbook. I have been able to download photos at the end of every couple of days and spent a little time editing them which will save me a huge job when I get home.

At night we usually return to our house about 9pm and the kids get ready for bed. Our house is one large open plan room so it makes it tricky to stay up too much later chatting while the kids try to sleep. We brought lots of tea lights and have spent time sitting upstairs on the deck drinking wine, watching the stars and listening to the sea. It has been quite windy every night so when the night lights all blow out and we start shivering that is when we call it quits and fall into bed ourselves.

I don't know where to start with picking some of my favourite photos so am just putting up a random mixture to give you a taste of what we have been up to...

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  1. Wow, sounds and looks like an amazing holiday. You lucky lucky people. Enjoy eveery last sacond of it!!

  2. Hi I just a saw a little note on Gifts of a journey saying that you found her on Tongue in cheeks blog, that is amazing, I also follow that blog, ...and I know Gifts of a Journey through Carolyn who lives in Sydney, who I met in Paris in April...along with lots of other bloggers.

    I must say you are having a great time , it all looks fabulous, what a great choice you made to leave the UK..well done on that.

    Congralations to Mr B, hope he had a great birthday.

    You know you said you lived in Northampton, I said I lived in Daventry, well I was also born in Ireland..no I didn't marry a welsh man but i did live there for 8 years!!

    I would of emailed but cannot find an email link on your blog...have a super super time!