Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Magnolia Envy.

Is Magnolia Envy a real condition?

I swear it is because I went to a friends house for the first time this weekend and she had about 200 Magnolia trees running along the side of her garden.

OK so I am prone to occasional exaggeration, I'm Irish, I'm genetically predisposed to it, but really, she had at least 20 of the most magnificent trees just overladen with beautiful huge Magnolia flowers.

If I could have uprooted one of those trees and slipped it into my handbag I would have run for the car whooping with excitement. To hell with the friendship, I would have had one of these magnificent beauties to gaze upon as I forgot that my friend Pauline ever existed.

Sorry Pauline, but you have to admit they are worthy of Magnolia Envy. Next time I come visit watch out, I'm bringing my super-duper-big-hold-everything-but-the-kitchen-sink-handbag!

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  1. This story is just simply hilarious! You are making me want to get outside in the wild somewhere that I haven't been in a while...and just soak in all the gorgeous sites before me.

    Unfortunately, no magnolia trees. :(

    I guess cedar will have to do over here in Oklahoma! :)

  2. The magnolia trees are beautiful......very different from the type I see in Southeast Virginia.

  3. Wow, those are gorgeous! I can see why you'd want to steal some! I don't think I've ever seen magnolias like that. I wonder if they'd grow that beautifully here?