Friday, August 21, 2009

A non-blogging week...

I've been very slack with my blog updates since we returned from our holidays last week. I tried telling Byron that there was nothing exciting after the magic of the holiday and he provided me with a list of things that I could have blogged about if I had wanted to! I guess he is right (as always!)

So here goes... Last Tuesday I celebrated my birthday. I was working that day so I was up at 6am and in the car by 6.30. I decided to wait until the evening to look at my cards or else I would just spoil the reading of the messages by rushing through them. I was nearly bursting when I finally opened my first card at 7pm! We had gone out for tea so I could escape the preparation and tidy up. Heaven! Byron took great pleasure in telling me I am no longer in my mid-thirties but am now nearing his ripe old age of 40. All this because I turned 36! I think he has a cheek. I think 36 still counts as mid thirties. What do you think?

Last week also was the week that the last of the tradesmen trampled their way through our flood damaged house. They put replacement carpets in the three downstairs rooms that had been bare concrete since the flood happened over 6 months ago. Oh the joy of walking on fluffy soft floors!

We caught up on a few health checks last week too. Gareth and Rhiannon had their final booster immunisations against meningitis. Sore arms but boxes of Smarties helped. The next day they were furiously scrubbing the Smarties away as we had our 6 month dental check up. We all got the thumbs up for clean white cavity free choppers so a big sigh of relief until another 6 months time.

And so now I feel a weight off my shoulders. I have shared the mundane details of our last week with you, Byron will stop nagging me and I will try to get back to the massive mountain of ironing that threatens to fall on me at any moment. Watch out on the news for a quirky news story about the mother found buried under 3 tons of crumpled laundry some day over the coming week. It will be me!

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  1. Only are still a spring chicken as my grandmother use to say. Consider I didn't have my first baby until I was your age!! You look marvelous for your age....tell Mr. B you still have 4 years to go before you get into his "ripe old age" category! :-)

  2. Oh....and I almost forgot.....Happy Belated Birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday. I will be 36 in 2 weeks myself. I swear I can't believe it, I feel about 22 until I look in the mirror!!

  4. As the old saying goes "We are only as young as we feel"

    Well I feel about 18 until I catch sight of my arse in the mirror!!!