Saturday, April 09, 2011

Boys and trees.

We got back to the car after a relaxing afternoon out and about. We all strap in and I do a quick head count as Byron turns the key in the ignition. We are 4. Gareth is missing. I get back out and see him happy as can be...

...climbing a tree!

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  1. That is an absolutely gorgeous tree!

  2. I would climb that tree myself!

  3. That is quite a tree! They don't grow them like that here! Wow! I would never be able to get my boys out of that one!

  4. Oh Gina, my boy AND girl would be all over that tree. I would be there for a very loooong time!! So cool. Miss you, xo, Gina

  5. I love, love, love this photo! I'm a sucker for sunflare and you captured it beautifully. Your composition is right on. Just an amazing photograph!

  6. Fabulous photo, I can see the attraction for him to want to stay in that tree....a kid could live in it!
    Thanks for your comment on my flowers post - I used to get my flowers from Tesco too!

  7. Hi Gina, thanks for the birthday wish and did you get to try those recipes? I love this photo too! I use to climb trees myself when I was younger. He knows how to have fun with out being on a game system or a electronic device of some sort. Let him have his fun with trees. To many kids nowadays don't know how to have fun like we use to. A picture can say a thousand words and yours say a lot. Thanks for the smile and memories!

  8. That is a gorgeous tree. What a fun one to climb :)

  9. that is one of the coolest trees I have ever seen! my kids would love to explore around it!