Saturday, April 30, 2011

A perfect....mess!

I'd love to encourage you all to think that I am a domestic goddess.

I do bake regularly and my kids are very enthusiastic in their praise. If it is sweet they will eat it. Just in case I am accused of showing you only the successful items that come out of my oven and on to my cooling rack I thought I would share this photo with you...

Yes, apparently when the recipe says two eggs and you have only one it does matter!

My kids, being the unfussy eaters that they are, simply peeled the tops off and ate them like cookies and then got spoons out and scooped out the remainder of the crumbly mess. 

...and those that were left behind when the kids were tucked up in bed... I polished off myself in the same fashion!

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  1. I had to laugh as I am guilty of the exact same thing at times :)
    Not everything that comes out of our oven is photo worthy but still gets polished off nonetheless!

  2. well at least your kids still ate it :) as long as it goes down the hatch i'm happy. note to self number of eggs do

  3. Yes, yes, yes! Best kind of baking are the so-called disasters because you get to eat loads more, trying to hide the evidence! The good stuff usually gets eaten by other people, but no, these little aesthetically challenged outcomes means more for the baker. And in your case, kidlets. Yes, I should share some of my disasters too to keep it real! I am very encouraged indeed (not the only one!!). hahahaha

  4. This is hysterical...I should have featured the Italian loaf I made a couple of weekends ago that was so hard and crusty it was only good for croutons. :)

  5. Sometimes those failed recipes come out tasting better. I'm sure your kids loved them! =)

  6. I bet they were still delicious!!!!! : )