Monday, April 25, 2011

The new bedroom, Flowers and watermelons!

The new bedroom is complete. We went from hills and fluffy clouds in the sky to watermelons and flowers. It all started with a lovely set of bed linen we found at a local outlet store.

From there Rhiannon chose two colours of paint, pale pink and pale green. We painted two walls in each colour and re-painted her old wooden flowers in pinks and purples...
 and added a few freehand water-melons.
We bought a chair, white desk, bookcase and shelf so she can have some study space as she heads into High School in January.
The whole room looks calm and uncluttered. Her favourite spot is the painted window box that is hidden behind the long sheer curtains. A perfect place to sneak away and read when she is supposed to be doing chores!
Knowing our gorgeous Rhianny it will never look as calm as this again, especially once she moves back in. The spare room is already unrecognisable from the room she moved into a week ago. I can't see the carpet any-more. There may be a small pony lost in the pile of discarded clothes. We shall see how long this lovely new space stays this way...!

P.S. She moved back in tonight so she can wake up in it tomorrow morning on her birthday.
Sweet dreams little ten year old. Tomorrow you will be a whole year older.

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  1. Wow! What an awesome room! Rhiannon must be soooo happy. You are very clever Gina! Pinks and greens are such a sweet combo and I love the watermelon motif- who woulda thunk it? Just beautiful xxx

  2. I can tell by the smile that she is loving her new room. I will be doing the same for my youngest over the next several weekends. Not looking forward to it so much...she is too bossy! :)