Sunday, April 03, 2011

A wild weekend!

I hope I don't disappoint to many of you with the not so wild stories of what I got up to with the girls this weekend while Byron and Gareth were on their boys camping weekend!

Bear in mind that they are 10 and 13 and not quite old enough to paint the town red! As soon as the boys reversed down the driveway with a car full of camping equipment the girls set about getting dressed up, hair straightened and a bit of lip gloss on. We were going shopping! They wanted to go to a local factory outlet shop. It is busy and noisy and is not somewhere to go with dad and brother in tow! When we parked the girls were squealing with excitement. There were signs all over the windows advertising a $1 sale THIS WEEKEND ONLY!!!

They rummaged through clothes racks and made multiple trips to the changing room. Even though the clothes were $1 they fussed over the fit and styles as though they were shopping in a designer boutique. I expected them to buy lots but in the end Sian chose a lovely skirt (marked down from $25) and Rhiannon chose a whole outfit for $3, denim skirt, hot pink top and a cute woollen beanie hat. The hat hasn't come off her head all weekend. In face she still had it on when I checked on her in bed that night!

When we had shopped as much as we could bear we went outside to drive to the next location. Panic. No car. I went up and down, up and down the strip of car spaces with a growing sick feeling of panic in my stomach convinced that the car had been stolen. It took a little while to remember that Byron was driving my bright blue car and I had his small silver one. Duh!

We drove to another shopping centre where we did a bit more window shopping, ate some fast food and then finished off our evening with a trip to the cinema. I had booked the tickets on-line so we got to use the "Skip the Queue" roped off lane. The girls felt like VIP's as we walked down the red carpet strip to collect our tickets. The film was good and it was dark by the time we got out so it was straight to the car (we remembered which one to look for this time!) and headed home.

It was fun to have "just girls" time. I think we will be encouraging the boys to make this camping weekend a regular thing!

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  1. I can only imagine what a wonderful time ya'll had. I absolutely love Rhiannon's hat! I don't blame her for not taking it off. It's adorable.

  2. Fun... it is always a good idea to send the boys off just so the girls can have a good time alone together!! Love the hat too! Once my friend Roxi had her car valeted and when she came out she told them the make of her car. The poor men searched and searched, came and asked her again, twice, what make the car was. After they were totally freaked it was stolen, she realized she had driven her husbands car!! Ha! Love those stories!!

  3. Hi it's rhiannon !! I'm glad that u like my hat everybody. It was really fun on the weekend because we went to see gnomeo and juliette in 3D.
    Love from Rhiannon :-P

  4. Hi Gina. I've done the "forget which car I drove in" thing before. : ) Your heart races and several scenerios go thru your head for that short period of time until you remember!! I'm getting heart palpatations just thinking about it!! LOL!! Your daughter is absolutely gorgeous!! Love the new beanie!!

    Thank you for your wonderful comment on my blog. :)

    ~ Wendy

  5. What a stunning picture of Rhiannon Gina What good looking kids you have, must be a good gene pull somewhere!! Wish we were there to share. hope to catch up soon. lots of love xxx

  6. It's nice when you get time just to spend with just the girls and do fun girl things without the boys. I can only imagine how much fun it was for them to buy clothes for only $1, it would have been very hard to choose.

    Thank you for stopping by and for your boy pressie ideas too.:)

    Have a lovely afternoon.

  7. Shopping always makes the blues go away....until you check the bank balance. :) Sounds like you found the place to go though...wonderful prices!