Saturday, April 30, 2011

Simple fun.

We had great fun today throwing the 5 cousins together. 
They played, they laughed, they ate, one little one cried, then slept, then woke, then played some more. The camera as always was out but today the kids helped to take some of the photos. Nothing captures the fun of photographing kids like a little bit of blurriness! 
(Yes I'm trying to pretend it was all intentional and not just user error) 

Then of course there was Byron playing the silly Uncle, ignoring all rules and swinging kids around like aeroplanes when they were supposed to be calming down for afternoon naps!
We all enjoyed having a posh afternoon tea to celebrate Rhiannons Birthday (again!) 
This time the cakes were made from a box due to slight issues with baking the previous batch from scratch...
After all the eating the kids had some time out to chill. I found this pair snuggled up on the sofa watching Scooby Do.
We went across the road to get some fresh air and build up an appetite for tea. 
I hadn't realised it was so wet but the kids soon had their shoes off to feel the squidgy grass in-between their toes!
Then just a few last photos as the sun dipped in the sky and we headed inside for Shepherds Pie, Yum!
It's so good to have a day like today spent with family, just hanging out and having fun. Money can't buy the feeling of well being you get by the time you flop on the sofa in a trashed house, kids tucked in bed, cup of tea in hand, leaving the mess to be sorted tomorrow!
Happy Weekend everyone.

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  1. Gina... I am laughing so hard I am crying!! Lots of enjoyment!! From the room of course!

  2. What a gorgeous day. I love it when cousins all get together, it's so much fun and lovely that they can be close. Beautiful photos. xo