Friday, April 29, 2011

Solo performance.

A quick photo from my phone...

I called in to collect Gareth and Rhiannon from school today. Gareth had his trumpet with him and had managed to persuade his teacher that after a few weeks of practise he was now ready for his first concert! The timing was perfect, I was invited in to the classroom to watch. Despite knowing only one tune and playing it with more enthusiasm than skill his classmates were very generous in their clapping and cheering. 

It was a fun way to end the school week and makes me think now more than ever that Primary School teachers are not paid nearly enough money!

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  1. awww how beyond sweet is that? congrat to him!!!!

  2. How beautiful that the teacher was willing to entertain the idea of encouraging a special! You should be so proud too! congratulations to your son for wanting to share his talents with his friends. Sounds like they really enjoyed it!

  3. Elementary School teachers are worth their weight in gold. Last week my 1st grader's teacher had a rabbit, a dog and chicken in the classroom...Just because the kids wanted to share. Yikes.