Friday, April 01, 2011

The calm after the storm.

Yesterday was crazy. By 9pm I was propping my eyelids open with match sticks. Today was potentially busy. The list of jobs to do included helping out with reading at Gareth's school, waiting around for the fridge repair man and trying to book the car in for its "Pink slip" A legal safety check up you do before re-registering your car each year which actually happens to be a white paper print out?! 

When the fridge man knocked on the door at 8am I was caught off guard. I was still in pj's, hair sticking up and the house was a dump because I was expecting him after I returned from the school run. Embarrassment levels high but convenience levels excellent because I now had one job crossed off my list.

When I finished reading with Gareth's class I stopped by the library, grabbed a random book and then dropped the car to the mechanic. He told me to come back in about half an hour. I turned on my selective deafness and decided he meant at least an hour because there was nothing else to do but walk down to the lake and sit under a tree and read! 

Oh bliss. No housework, no grocery shopping, no errands to run. I was car-less and fancy free!

I love where I live.

If you will excuse me I have to go. I have a book to read!

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  1. Oh Gina... I must visit! I have also had service men show up when I was in pj's and hair sticking up! Awkward! Looks like you enjoyed your time alone!! Thanks again for your sweet thoughts on my blog~ you are a dear!

  2. Looks like a fabulous place to relax...and you know I love my relaxing time! :)