Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Peas in a pod.

There is 2 1/2 years between Gareth and Rhiannon yet physically they are almost the same height and weight. They look so like twins sometimes. Their personalities are very in balance too. They are a mixture of wacky and sensitive and seem to be able to spend time together without rubbing each other up the wrong way. 

Sian and Rhiannon are actually closer in age and being girls I assumed they would have more in common but when we first emigrated and had to put the three kids into two bedrooms the better solution was to let these two share. 

I watched them this evening sitting in the same chair and laughing together as they played a new game on the iPad. I thought I might get away with sneaking a photo on my phone but Gareth looked up when I got too close. Now that we are settled in our new house they all have the luxury of their own rooms but I love that these two still end up spending lots of time together. 

I know people keep warning me that the hardest part of parenting is yet to come. With Sian in High School already and Rhiannon moving up in January I know that change will inevitably come but I really hope some things will stay the same...

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  1. Hi Gina Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your thoughts. I too love to hear from readers as it inspires me to keep sharing. You have a terrific blog and such a cute family! I will definitely keep popping by. xxx

  2. Great picture! My guess is...they will continue to be close :)

    With Hope,

  3. That's so great~ I hope it continues as well! All your children seem to be sweet natured and caring Gina! I still want one of those Ipads!!

  4. Love this picture and personally from the day I became pregnant I got the "oh, wait until you deliver....wait until they are born, wait until they are toddlers, wait until they start school...." Blah, blah, blah. So far, I have enjoyed every stage! I know you will too!! xo,Gina