Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Rhiannon!

Today Rhiannon woke up in her new room as a gorgeous little 11 year old! 

We were all invited to join her in her beautiful new room to watch her open her cards and presents. This is her opening our card to her. I had written something sweet about her being our little ray of sunshine. That made her smile. But then she read Byron's message and laughed out loud. He had written something along the lines of her being more like a flippin' tornado! 
We went off shopping with her after breakfast so she could spend her birthday money. She had a ball. She managed to make her money go a long, long way by hunting out the bargains with her savvy big sister Sian. They made me proud as they pooled their money on special deals and two for one offers sharing the cost and the goodies between them!

We stopped to recharge at a coffee shop and she chose three teeny tiny little cupcakes to share with Gareth and Sian. I had great ideas about trying to make similar ones to send into school with her but that fell by the wayside! 

The day ended with a "Not a Party Get Together"  

This became a joke. It started out as her choosing to have her room redecorated over having a big party. 
It progressed to... 

OK, you can have two friends to tea on your birthday.
No, it's not going to be a party.
Yes, you can have Dominos pizza.
And Sians chocolate fountain? Well alright then.
Three friends?
...and a sibling?! 
(Picture Sian doing a happy dance that there will be someone her age)
And another friend calling by to say Hi and drop off a card and a smelly candle for the new bedroom...

And so the day ended with 8 happy kids sitting around our kitchen table. Stuffing themselves with Pizza while Byron and myself ended up relegated to the sofa with a few left over crusts.

I guess that is life as parents. 
Busy, unpredictable... but fun!

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  1. What a clever 11 yo you have there! hahaha... sounds like you are close to her which is so wonderful. :)

  2. Happy Birthday! Looks like she had a wonderful day. And what a smart shopper! =)

    Those cupcakes look so delectable! Now you're making me crave for some. Thanks a lot, Gina! ;)

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  4. Happy birthday to your big girl. It sounds like she had the best time celebrating, what a great Mum you are to give her such a wonderful time. xo

  5. Belated birthday wishes to Rhiannon! They grow up so fast....