Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cupcake Queen and exciting visitors on the way...

Here in Australia kids love to bring in a tray of cakes to share with their classmates on their birthday. Cupcakes are preferred over a real cake as the teacher has no mess cutting and sharing. No knife to be wielded about by the more spirited kids in the class! I was inspired by the gorgeous teeny cupcakes in Gloria Jeans yesterday but after Rhiannons "Not a Party Get Together" yesterday it was a bag of value cake mix and a few sprinkles. The little circles were printed out last night after I was rejuvenated by a cuppa. I just printed them and popped them out with a circle punch then stuck them on cocktail sticks. Easy and cute!
Just as I thought the birthday celebrations were well and truly finished we got some exciting news. We will be having a visit this weekend from my Sister-in-law and our two gorgeous little nephews. We have decided an impromptu party is called for. They are 4 and 1 so all it will take is a few balloons and candles in a simple cake to make things very exciting! My brother Joe has had to return to Japan for his job but his family have decided it is safer for them to stay in Australia so for the next few weeks at least they will be missing their daddy and in need of all the family fun and loving that they can get.

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  1. More cupcakes photos! Oh, my goodness! I wish I was in her class right now. =)

  2. Cupcakes are always a winner :) These look so good!
    Happy birthday to the gorgeous birthday girl (I have a younger sister called Rhiannon)

  3. Exciting news... enjoy your company! I love all the fun toppers you can make or buy for cupcakes these days! Yours look so great!

  4. Aww yum! I am yet to meet a cupcake i didn't like and I would love to meet yours hahaha! Have a happy family time Gina! Party on I say!!! xxxx Fi

  5. ...and now I want cupcakes! :)

    Don't blame your sister-in-law in the least ~ I wouldn't be so anxious to head back to Japan myself. Of course, the states haven't been a whole lot safer for some this past week!