Sunday, March 25, 2007

Bye Bye Carrie.

We have had a great time during Carries visit with us over the last few weeks.

We have enjoyed showing her all the sights and introducing her to all the friends we have made here. Some of the highlights were our day on the boat, the St Patrick's day party and a great day trip to Hunter Valley that we did one day while the three kids were in school. We stopped at the Peterson's Champagne house for coffee and scones and then went on to the Hunter Valley Gardens shopping village where we bought lots of gorgeous things and then had a lovely lunch in one of the gift shops.

Another benefit of Carrie visiting was her unbelievable ability to empty out all the drawers in my kitchen before breakfast forcing me every day to tidy out and pack another room in preparation for the big move to the new house. I have at least half the contents of every room either packed away neatly or thrown away in the garbage!

Carrie has now gone off to Sydney to spend a week with our brother Joe.
I wonder if his house needs a spring clean?!!!

Thanks Carrie!

Come back any time!!!

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