Saturday, March 10, 2007

Sians Birthday - the morning after the night before!

Well we survived the sleepover! .....Just!

I was flagging by midnight and three of the five party girls were sleeping fast but two were still being little night owls!After hearing them promise they were ready to sleep I fell into bed with my bedroom door open in case anyone needed anything. Rhiannon was in my bed. She had been sobbing earlier in the evening because she was missing Byron and I had promised she could sleep on his side of the bed to keep it warm. Unfortunately she misinterpreted my plan and instead wriggled, tossed and turned all night keeping the entire bed warm and me fighting for my share of the duvet!

We had a reasonable start at 7am and after a big breakfast of toast and mini pancakes the girls were itching to make face masks. We whizzed up a banana, some honey and a handful of porridge oats and got a chunky paintbrush out and opened the beauty salon! The girls lined up on their chairs and I went from girl to girl painting the sticky gloop onto their faces.

After 10 minutes there were squeals of laughter coming from the bathroom as they tried washing the dried on mixture off.

Very shortly after the cars started pulling into the driveway and 4 very happy girls with glowing complexions went home having (hopefully) had a lovely time!

Thank you girls for coming to Sian's sleepover and being so well behaved. Thank you too for the lovely presents that you gave Sian. She is a very happy 9 year old!

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