Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Natural born surfers!

Yesterday we stayed local to allow the kids to adjust to the time difference and the Australian weather. Today we decided to hit the beach!

We went to Caves beach, one of our favourites, as it has great waves for body boarding and some great rock pools to explore when the kids need a break from the water. For Alex and Myles's last birthdays we had bought them a body board each that we put on their beds when they arrived. They were very keen to try them out.

Within seconds of arriving on the sand the three boys were racing down to the water. There was a strong rip tide and the lifegurds had the red and yellow flags quite close together so we spent our time calling them to keep them between the flags. The boys were like fish and didn't seem to mind being swept off their feet occasionally.

They got the hang of the body boarding instantly and were shrieking with adrenaline rush excitement as they raced into shore on the crest of the huge waves over and over again!

It was a brilliant day. I think we will have to go back another day when the girls are off school.

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