Monday, March 05, 2007

Kaftan party.

On Saturday night we went to a brilliant party at our friends David and Jane's house.

It was a Curry, Kaftan and Karaoke party. We got a babysitter so all three of us could go to it. For a couple of weeks before we searched for outfits to wear. Carrie bought a turquoise embroidered top in Dublin before she flew here, I bought a kaftan and jangly ankle bracelets in an "alternative" shop locally and Byron got a formal Indian suit in a bizarre retro antique shop in Newcastle. Teemed up with some leather thongs (Footwear here in Australia I might add, not a skimpy pair of undies!) and some jangly bracelets and we were ready to go!

The kids were laughing at us as we said goodbye, Gareth was a bit shocked at the sight of me in a black wig! He kept saying "You are my real mummy, aren't you?"

We stopped at a bottle shop to buy some beer and wine on our way. Byron refused to jump out and pay because he was dressed up. When I went into the tiny shop the lady serving looked at me with her jaw hanging loose. "Is that a wig"" she blurted out and then clapped her hand across her mouth. I laughed and said it was while she turned scarlet. She said the words just popped out and as soon as she said it she panicked in case it was my real hair!

With cold bottles firmly in my hands we headed on to the party. The house was amazingly decorated with lanterns, incense, disco ball, dry-ice machine and Indian music playing! Everyone had gone to huge efforts to dress in Indian clothing and the place was a riot of bright colours and sequins. We had a brilliant evening and stuffed our selves with a huge range of home made curries and side dishes.

The Karaoke started gingerly but surprisingly as the quantity of alcohol consumed increased so did everyones bravado! At first Carrie and myself walked in the opposite direction every time we saw someone approaching with the folder of songs but somehow towards the end of the evening we found ourselves belting out "The Irish Rover" at full throttle and doing an impromptu version of Riverdance in between verses!
The evening ended at a very respectable midnight so that we could carry on helping Byron with his packing for his Indian trip.
At 1am we fell into bed only to be woken at 6am so Byron could leave for his flight to Bangalore.....

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  1. The waxing pot you got for your birthday obviously isn't working on the old facial hair mrs b!!!

  2. Oi! Josie!
    It took me two weeks to grow that moustache and I am quite proud of it!

  3. SURE SURE mum. Josie mum is crazy.