Saturday, March 10, 2007


Saturday means pocket money day.

Pocket money day means hitting the shops so that's what we did this afternoon!

Spending money helps to make us feel a little happier while Byron is away and by the time we came home we were ecstatic!!!

I love shopping but luckily today we were spending Carries money (mainly!)

Carrie was taking advantage of being here in Australia to buy a lot of bulky and heavy presents for upcoming birthdays that would be impossible to post from Ireland. Being the dutiful sister I helped to make her wallet lighter and our carrier bags heavier.

The kids also got to spend their pocket money in their favourite shop, the Australian Geographic Store. Sian got a collection of polished stones reduced from $17 to $5 - Bargain! Rhiannon got a great 3D book reduced from $13 to $4 and Gareth got a Glo-stick which caused great excitement at bedtime when he activated it. He is still running around pretending to be something from Star Wars but we are pretending we can't hear him.

Time to go make a cup of tea and rest our weary feet (and wallets!)

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  1. I like the glo-stick Gar, it looks great - can I have a try when I get home?