Monday, March 19, 2007

California Visit

Not content with avoiding my sister-in-law by travelling to India last week, I'm currently spending this week in a much chillier California. When will she take the hint??

I'm based in Scotts Valley near Santa Cruz and it is definitely much cooler than I'm used to. It's currently 10C here at the moment (50F) and I can't remember it getting colder than 14C for the past 18 months in Oz. It was a case of "spot-the-tourist" as I left the airport ..... it wasn't too hard, I was the only one wearing shorts and sandals.

I took a shuttle bus from San Francisco airport to the motel in Scotts Valley. It was quite a drive and I couldn't help comparing it to the trip from Bangalore airport to the hotel. There are probably the same amount of cars here except rather than being squashed into two lanes, there were 12 lanes on the freeway !

I'm about 6 miles away from Santa Cruz beach. I'm not sure I'll get much sight-seeing done, but the beach looks pretty good to me...

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